The Bcalm Personal Breathing Filter is a non-drug medical device that is intended for anxious panicky feelings and nervousness when in closed-in places. Bcalm works by removing excessive CO2 in the surrounding air while increasing oxygen in air inside crowded spaces such as rooms, offices, elevators and mass transportation such as airplanes, buses and trains.

  • Bcalm has been sold in the UK, France and Russia for over four years
  • Bcalm is completely natural and uses no medicine
  • Feel relief in just 6 or 7 breaths

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Developed by doctors

Developed by a team of world-renowned doctors

Safe and natural

Safe and natural doesn't contain drugs

Quick & easy to use

Discreet and easy to use Bcalm anywhere

No lifestyle changes

No unrealistic or difficult lifestyle changes

Easy to Use

Bcalm is discreet and easy to use. Take your Bcalm anxiety relief inhaler with you wherever you go.