Rules for Successful Treatment

The 2 Most Important Rules About Treatment

1. You should like your treating professional.
If you find it a dreadful ordeal to see your professional, something is wrong.  You would likely do well to find someone else that you feel has your interests more at heart and who makes you feel comfortable about seeing them for help.

2. Go regularly.  Keep your appointments.
Don’t backslide just because you get impatient, or worry with expenses of care.  Truth be known, most people that say they can’t afford care, really can.  In cases where it seems like there is not money to afford care, look closely at your budget.  Cut out movie rental or tickets, make the coat last another year. Economize.  If there is still a lack of money, then look to subsidized care through government sponsored programs, charity care, and agencies who receive United Way funding so they can charge on a sliding scale.